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Who's Coming to Town?

January 31-February 4 - Multi-Regional
Twenty Public Health Officials

Focus: HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment

February 3-7 - Canada
Mr. Paul-Arthur Huot, Director of Economic Development for the Quebec City Region

Focus: Community and Economic Development

February 7-11 - China
Dr. Zhang Fengwu, Deputy President of the Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology

Focus: Engineering Curricula and Environmental Issues

February 11-14 - Sao Tome and Principe
Mr. Guilherme Posser da Costa, Former Prime Minister

Focus: NGO Management and State Government

February 11-14 - Ethiopia
Mr. Muzie Awol, Director of the School of Fine Arts and Design at Addis Ababa University

Focus: Arts Education

February 11-14 - Pan-Africa
Five Government and NGO Officials

Focus: Civil Rights

February 21-24 - Azerbaijan
Four Government Officials

Focus: Management for Effective Government Offices

March 20-25 - Multi-Regional
Four Government and NGO Officials

Focus: Conflict Resolution

April 14-18 - Multi-Regional
Six Journalists

Focus: US Foreign Policy, Counter-Terrorism, and Media

Home Hospitality Opportunities

Monday, February 12th - A single visitor from Sao Tome and Principe would like to experience home hospitality. His program in the U.S. is focusing on NGO management and state government. He would be accompanied by an interpreter and is available at 6:30 PM.

Monday, February 12th - A single visitor from Ethiopia would like to experience home hospitality. His program in the U.S. is focusing on arts education. He speaks English and does not need to be accompanied by an interpreter. The visitor will be available at 6:30 PM.

Thursday, February 22nd - Four visitors from Azerbaijan would like to experience home hospitality. Their program in the U.S. is focusing on public administration. Two groups of two visitors would each be accompanied by an interpreter, and they are available at 6:30 PM.

Please note: Home hospitality opportunities are available to GCIV members only. Hosts are asked to provide transportation to and from the hotel on the evening of home hospitality. If you are interested in hosting visitors in your home for dinner on these dates, please contact
Emily Bushey at 404-832-5560 x 15.

**Plan to attend a GCIV Host Orientation soon. Check the GCIV Upcoming Events section of the newsletter for more information.

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Delta to Receive Citizen Diplomat Award at GCIV’s International Consular Ball

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, Inc. will be presented GCIV’s Citizen Diplomat Award on April 14th at the International Consular Ball. The award recognizes individuals or institutions in the United States or abroad who have achieved excellence in furthering the cause of international and mutual understanding. “Delta has done so much to position Atlanta as a world-class international city, and naturally they are major supporters in our efforts to honor Atlanta’s Consular Corps. I can’t think of a more fitting Atlanta institution to receive this year’s award,” said Shell Stuart, executive director of GCIV.

Connecting the Georgia Consular Corps with business and civic leaders from across the state, the ball honors Georgia’s resident diplomats for their efforts in promoting business and cultural ties between their countries and the southeastern United States. Consulates based in Georgia serve as regional embassies, and 57 governments from throughout the world have consular offices and/or trade representation in Atlanta. Read more.

Old Friend Returns for New Adventures in Georgia

Ivoirian Richard Yao had not heard of Habitat for Humanity before visiting Georgia in September 2003 through the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program. He would return to Atlanta for a conference in January 2007 as Habitat's National Director for Cote d'Ivoire. GCIV staff had the chance to catch up with Mr. Yao while he was in Atlanta last month to learn about his experiences after returning home. Read more.

There's still time to join a Great Decisions Group!

GCIV's Great Decisions discussion groups began in January around the state, and there's still time to join one! Great Decisions helps increase your understanding of world affairs through an eight-week series based on a briefing book published annually by the nonpartisan Foreign Policy Association. Topics for 2007 include: the Middle East, Climate Change, Mexico, Migration, South Africa, War Crimes, Central Asia, and Children. Click here for a list of discussion groups. Contact Ashley Mastin at 404-832-5560 x 13 for more information.

Cultural Competency for Citizen Diplomats

Vicki Flier of Highroad Presentations will be sharing her Fifteen Ways to Increase Cultural Competence with GCIV over the next few months. Vicki provides cross-cultural trainings for corporations, classrooms, and many other settings. Visit her web site at www.highroaders.com.

Do You Have the New Global Survival Skills?

Cultural and global competencies are no longer “nice to haves” – they are survival skills. Multi-million dollar contracts have been lost over cultural misunderstandings and neither side knew what went wrong. When you make cultural competence a priority, you increase your organization’s chances for success. By revealing hidden cultural value gaps in your organization and developing plans to address them, you avoid problems before they begin.

1) Learn what locals are called: When doing business with clients or customers from other countries, nothing is more respectful than knowing what to call the citizens. For example, most people know that people from India are called “Indians.” But did you know that people from Cairo, Egypt are called “Cairenes” and that people from Ghana are called “Ghanaians”?

If you are negotiating a business deal with your associates from Beijing and all of a sudden get stuck when needing to refer to Beijingers, you could lose face. Knowing what to call local people is a sign of good will, effort on your part and cultural intelligence. A great resource for local monikers is a book called “Labels for Locals” by Paul Dickson.

2) Leverage cultural differences for efficiency: Want to get your project done faster but feeling frustrated by cultural differences among team members? Step back and look at your resources. The same frustrating aspect of a particular person’s culture or personality could be put to positive use for the project.

For example, say you get annoyed when your German colleague is "too direct" with you, pointing out every little detail that needs revision on your report. Use that same German colleague to review critical documents in their final stages and you’ve just saved an embarrassing mistake from slipping by. Frustrated by your American colleague’s insistence on getting down to business right away? Use that same American colleague to kick off a project with a non-negotiable, tight deadline and you have a high chance of meeting your goal.

Be flexible with the roles and responsibilities on projects and you’ll open up a whole new array of resources.

Be sure to check out the GCIV e-newsletter in coming months for more tips from Vicki Flier.

Become a Citizen Diplomat Today!

GCIV's membership is critical to the success of our organization, as it serves as an important indicator of community support for the U.S. Department of State and other agencies that rely on us to arrange programs for hundreds of international visitors each year. Becoming a member is easy - just visit our membership page to download an application.

GCIV Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 8th, 10:00-11:30 AM
IWA February Meeting

The International Women's Associates will have a presentation from M. Kay duPont, noted speaker and author of books about writing, business, and a historical novel entitled, Loving Mr. Lincoln: The Personal Diaries of Mary Todd Lincoln. Please contact Emily Bushey at 404-832-5560 x 15 to receive an invitation.

Monday, February 12th, 11:30 AM-12:45 PM
GCIV Lunch Forum: Arts Education in Africa

Join Mr. Muzie Awol, Director of the School of Fine Arts and Design at Addis Ababa University, for a lunchtime discussion. Mr. Awol will talk about art in Ethiopia and his work to make art accessible to society at large. The Lunch Forum will be at the GCIV offices downtown, and participants can bring lunch or purchase a boxed lunch ($10). Contact Ashley Mastin at 404-832-5560 x 13 to RSVP.

Wednesday, February 21st, 6:30-7:30 PM
GCIV Host Orientation

Learn the "ins and outs" of hosting while getting to know GCIV staff and fellow hosts. GCIV will organize host orientations once a quarter to help experienced and new hosts alike stay informed and become better citizen diplomats. Participation in an orientation is mandatory for all hosts. Please join us for one at your earliest convenience. The first orientation will take place at the Regency Suites Hotel, 975 W. Peachtree Street in midtown. RSVP to Emily Bushey at 404-832-5560 x 15.

Other Opportunities
Friday, February 9th, 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
Poland: Opportunities for U.S. Business

The Honorable Victor Ashe, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Poland, and The Honorable Janusz Reiter, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, will participate in this business strategy luncheon. These and other speakers will lend their insights on how best to tap this burgeoning, strategically located market. The cost is $40 and includes lunch. Click here for a registration form and more information.

Wednesdays in February, 1:00-1:45 PM
Experience the Milestones of Georgia's Only President

Watch scenes from Jimmy Carter's presidency dramatically retold on stage at the Carter Musum Theater. $8 per person. Click here for more details and call 404-865-7126 to RSVP.

Wednesday, February 14th, 11:00 AM-4:00 PM
Atlanta Women in Business Workshop

This is the first in a series of lectures covering "Tools, Strategies and Tactics for Growing your Business." Registration is online and the cost is $225

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